Riding on Out

It’s really, really cold outside. It’s winter. There’s still snow all over the ground. There are even snow flowers still in the trees.

SnowMobilesII 50pc SnowMobiles cropped 90pc

It’s time to go cycling!


For fun, for daily transport, for fitness, for excitement, for socializing, for fresh air, and for inspiration.

There are many inspiring images online, like these.

Road Thieves

Relatively speaking

But the best inspiration comes from the people who are already out there, riding their two-leg powered two wheeled cycling machines, whatever the weather.

This is a blog to honour them, the old and young, whether with their local or imported bikey faces, whether riding along on shiny, new, or classic, long-loved frames.

Road Riders

Above: Kook Yoonjong (AKA Aiden) leads a pack of enthusiastic
Gwangju-based cyclists, including Dr. Reinhold Rauh, and Mechel Kai.

Are you ready to ride around Gwangju?

See you out there!

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One Response to Riding on Out

  1. Chris says:

    Thanks for the info! I am moving to Gwangju in a few days and have been considering buying a bike for exercise and travel once I get over there. I grew up in the suburbs in Ohio and hardly ever rode a bike (and never in traffic) so I’m a little hesitant to do the city-boy thing and jump right into city cycling, but it’s nice to know that people do it and the video was very helpful. Do you have a favorite bike shop in the city?

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